Clickvalley’s engineers have many years of industry experience in programming scalable software solutions for retail industry.


Shipping & Logistics

Shopping Cart

Mobile E-Commerce

E-Commerce Software Solutions

We engineer customized e-commerce software solutions, using industry-leading tools to create the ideal shopping experience.

E-Commerce Software Solutions

Virtual Shopfronts

We integrate payment and order processing systems into your virtual shopfronts for secure transaction processing and billing automation. 

B2C & B2B Marketplaces

We fabricate sophisticated B2B & B2C marketplaces that bring vendors, distributors, and customers together in a centralized platform.

E-Commerce Web Designs

We engineer extraordinary e-commerce websites and applications that are mobile-friendly too and provide eventually the ultimate experiences  of shopping for customers.

Custom Shopping Cart Software Solutions

We utilize the power of leading industry tools to develop shopping cart platforms that provide catalog features and branded category management.

Custom Shopping Cart Software Solutions

Shopping Cart Development

We provide shopping cart software development services, focusing on catalog features, branded category management, and multi-store platforms.

Open-Source Shopping Cart Integration

We offer customizable open-source modules for websites and applications, integrated with extensions. 

Shopping Cart Abandonment Solutions

We integrate shopping cart abandonment capabilities, built with role-based access and conversion rate management features. 

Custom Mobile E-Commerce Solutions

We engineer mobile e-commerce application solutions for customers and employees built with customizable themes and templates.

Property Management Solutions

Mobile POS Management

We engineer mobile POS solutions with inventory management capabilities to enable real-time sales transactions and quickly create inventory reports.

Role-Specific Solutions

We use role-specific solutions for retail employees to streamline workflows and retrieve valuable information.

Order Entry & Tracking

We offer order entry & tracking capabilities, plus modules for order management, inventory management, and mobile catalog management.

Shipping & Logistics Management Software Solutions

We engineer shipping & logistics software solutions for handling every aspect of the supply chain management operations from manufacturer order processing to order distribution.

Shipping & Logistics Management

Warehouse Management

We blend your warehouse management system  with overarching supply chain management  software.

Logistics Management

We offer robust logistics management solutions to enhance your supply chain visibility and manage scheduling.

Shipping & Delivery Management

We offer shipping & logistics solutions, to effectively manage every aspect of your SCM from the warehouse to delivery.