Clickvalley’s all-inclusive agriculture software suite helps farmers and growers gain total command and visibility over their land, crops, livestock, and equipments.

Land Management Software Solutions

Clickvalley’s land management software developers have immeasurable agricultural industry-experience and knowledge to develop world-class solutions for agricultural operations.

Land Management Software Development

Land Mapping & GPS Software

We develop GIS & GPS technologies and integrate them with your current systems for site-specific data mapping optimization and accurate forecasting of yields.

3D Field Design Applications

We fabricate custom 3D field design apps to seamlessly integrate with topography mapping software for added visualization and management of all land areas.

Smart Controllers & Sensors

We create smart controllers & sensors that screens or checks the yields for changes in temperature, light, humidity, weather patterns, and other environmental factors.

Land Management Software Development

Precision Agriculture Management

We use prescriptive technology, harvesting & crop management modules, and decision support systems (DSS) to maximize operational performance.

Irrigation System Management

We fabricate our irrigation software with computer-aided designs (CAD), digital terrain modeling (DTM) and irrigation patterns.

Agronomy Software Solutions

We engineer agronomy software solutions covering everything from soil sampling and collection to subsurface drainage, GIS mapping, and soil fertility automation.

Operations Management

We integrate Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) software with third-party APIs for irrigation management to streamline consistent operational workflows.

Agriculture Farm Management Software Solutions

Clickvalley’s highly flexible and scalable agriculture farm management software solutions bounds the entire scope of the agriculture & farming industry in an all-in-one platform.

Farm Inventory Management

We implement RFID systems, barcodes, serial number ID scanners, and other GIS technologies to new or existing ERP platforms to maximize visibility.

Farm Equipment Servicing

We engineer farm GIS equipment inspection software that incorporates mobile apps for in-field inspections and custom reporting capabilities.

Crop Planning & Tending

We develop features that automate watering, irrigation, and planting optimization through farm mapping software for enhanced crop planning and tending.

Aquaculture Software Solutions

Clickvalley’s aquaculture software solutions provides embedded sensors, ID tags, and more to allow users to breed, harvest, and track their entire aquaculture population.

Aquaculture Software Development

Aquaculture Application Development

We develop applications that deliver automated spatial analytics to gain clear, comprehensive, and in-depth insight on data retrieved from marine information systems.

Aquaculture Management Systems

We offer mobile and desktop aquaculture apps to effectively manage mission-critical operations related to aqua-ponics and aqua-farming processes.

Fish Farm Management Software

We engineer and deploy fish farming solutions that track aquatic lifecycles from the point of hatchery all the way up to when your fish farm is ready for harvesting.