Construction Software Development Services

Clickvalley’s Construction Software Development Services cater to architecture, engineering, and construction industries, delivering robust solutions that facilitate all construction-related business processes.

Accounting & Finances

Accounting & Finances

Construction ERP

Construction ERP


Cost Estimation / Takeoff

Cost Estimation / Takeoff

Equipment Management

Equipment Management

Construction Accounting Software

Clickvalley engineers construction accounting software systems integrated with BI engines, ERP tools, report generators, and more.

Construction Accounting Software

Job Cost Accounting

We offer centralized construction budgeting modules that track purchase orders, order changes, cost-to-completion, subcontracts and committed costs.

Asset Accounting Software

Integrate construction asset tracking software with third-party accounting programs with features like audit trail modules and depreciation calculators.

Payroll Software

We offer payroll software integration with human capital management (HCM) systems, mobile timecard APIs, calculators and banking APIs.

Construction ERP Software Solutions

Clickvalley engineers Construction ERP software solutions that leverages asset management, labor/field management, supply chain management, and sales management.

Construction ERP Software Solutions

CRM Development

Use our ERP CRM software to include marketing automation, leads management, customer service portals, Salesforce integrations, and more.

Inventory Management

Design strong tools and equipment inventory databases to simplify transportation, real-time tracking, and distribution scheduling processes.

Contract Administration

Create contract administration systems, designed as modules or standalone programs, with built-in CRM, ERP, and document management apps.

Construction Cost Estimation Software

Clickvalley’s Construction Cost Estimation Software solutions save construction companies money and time by terminating manual entry tasks cost through workflow automation.

Cost Database Development

Use database management systems to create material, labor, and localized equipment cost databases designed with data set catalogs organized by project type.

Building Material Calculators

Evaluate costs of material with quote estimation modules that consider fluctuating market values and suppliers’ real-time inventories.

Electrical Estimation Software

Boost profit margins and take advantage of automated solutions with electrical estimation software that enables price updates, automated takeoffs, and report generation.

Construction Equipment Management Software

Clickvalley’s construction equipment management software enables construction crews & managers to track equipment, tools, and assets both on-site and off-site.

Construction Equipment Management Software

GPS Tracking

Fabricate platforms for locating all equipment in real-time, integrated with popular third-party GPS/GIS platforms, including Google Maps and Apple Maps .

Tool Tracking

Cloud-based systems for tool tracking on, on-site and off-site with built-in barcode utilization, IoT technology, and tool assigning capabilities.

Equipment Telematics

Telematics and KPI reports are tracked by real-time analytics dashboards, offering BI telematics, performance analysis, and maintenance scheduling functionalities.