XML Application Development

XML Application Integration

We use XML when programming single-page web apps, mission-critical enterprise apps, cross-platform mobile apps, and simple APIs. We use XML to program extensive database storage capabilities into existing applications for seamless data access and transport, platform interoperability, high availability, and reliable in-memory operations.

XML Programming Services

Our custom XML Programming Services involve XML editor development, data mapping, processor development, automation validation, error handling, and so much more. We engineer XML tools with schema-aware intelligence, visualizations, Visual Studio integration, seamless validation capabilities, user-friendly interfaces, and XSD inferences.

XML Schema Validation and Design

We fabricate schema constraints using XML schema languages, such as XML Schema Definition (XSD), Document Type Definition (DTD), RELAX NG, Namespace Routing Language (NRL), and CSS. We implement automated code generators and data binders that render Visual Basic, C#

XML Reporting and Enterprise Solutions

We develop automated reports using XML to visually display multiple data types on single, customizable dashboards. We engineer these custom reports and style sheets with accurate, easily archived, comprehensive, and expensive compare/contrast options.

AJAX Programming with XML

We integrate AJAX controls into postbacks and callbacks to develop a user-friendly, responsive website and web app that’s highly capable of updating predictive text, advanced search filters, session values, webforms, and other elements without disrupting the user experience.

XML Mapping Services

We use Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT) to convert XML documents into plain text, script, PNG, PDF, or HTML. Our XML programmers integrate, map, and general mapping code for data that was derived from Excel, EDI, flat text, database, JSON, CSV, and web service files.